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Latest improvements on

We are constantly implementing new functionalities to improve the user experience on

Here the new features :

  • Translation into French
  • Specify an employee per item
  • Packaging by employee
  • Partial shipping

Translation into French

As of now the website is available in French and eventually German if the demand should arise. We use an automated translation plugin and some translations could be funny. Should you find a nonsense translation we would appreciate if you could let us know.

Specify an employee per item

You have now the possibility to specify the name of the person for whom you are ordering an item. These details will be visible in the order overview an packing slip. This will make it easier to attribute ordered items to members of your team.

Packaging by employee

On demand we group ordered items per team member in separate packages. Distributing your order to specific team members made easy and fast. We’ll give you more information about this service if you like.

Partial shipping

Sometimes some of your orders contain items which are temporally unavailable or which cause delays. The partial shipping feature allows you to track, on your account page, which items have been delivered an which ones are on hold. The order will be set to complete when all items have been delivered.